Softros LAN Messenger

Softros LAN Messenger 10.1

A communication messenger for LAN users

Communicate with other users from the same local network by sending messages, creating group chats, transferring files, etc. Create and view the list of available contacts, check their status, initiate individual chats. Alternatively, add multiple users to a conference and notify them of new messages.

Softros LAN Messenger supports communication among users connected to the same local area network. As it uses P2P messaging, it is not necessary to install a server, which is definitely one of its main advantages. All that is required is to install the client application on each workstation. Furthermore, administrators can implement restrictions on given features in accordance with the policies of the organization.

Fortunately, the application is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory, so it can scan the network and find connected users automatically. Moreover, you can organize your contacts in groups and event create chat rooms. Fortunately, it supports not only text communication as it is also possible to exchange files and folders by simple dragging and dropping the desired items. In addition, it allows sending messages even when the recipients are offline. Another useful feature is desktop sharing, which is essential to provide IT support in organizations.

In terms of security, it is good to know that the messenger uses secure encryption algorithm to guarantee the privacy of the data sent. Moreover, the fact that the application does not allow communication beyond the local area network protects it from outside intruders as well. Unfortunately, this certainly has the drawback that you cannot send messages to external contacts.

All in all, Softros LAN Messenger is a great instant messaging solution for small and medium-sized organizations. It is true that some popular instant messengers, such as GTalk, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger, have similar features. However, they use an Internet connection and all data goes through their servers, which has a negative impact on bandwidth use and privacy.

Pedro Castro
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  • No server required
  • Automatic user detection
  • Strong encryption algorithm
  • Bandwidth saving
  • Protection against outside intruders
  • File and folder sharing
  • Desktop sharing
  • User groups


  • No communication outside the local area network
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